Oncology plays a vital role in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and ongoing care of cancer. Outpatient Network is dedicated to supporting our NHS with ensuring patients have rapid, ongoing access to the care they need.

Under the leadership of Outpatient Network’s non-executive Medical Director, Professor Neville Davidson, a comprehensive insourced service can be offered to NHS Trusts to ensure ongoing care and treatment plans can be sustained. 

Outpatient Network’s Oncology services consists of:

      • Medical and Oncology clinic service
      • Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy clinics
      • Tele-consultations
      • Haematology

COVID-19: Helping your service with its Recovery Plan

Outpatient Network understands the devastating effects the pandemic has had on elective care services and patients. Therefore, as part of our commitment to the NHS and supporting with the COVID-19 Recovery Plan, Outpatient Network has formed exclusive partnerships with mobile, modular and fixed healthcare facility providers so that we can offer increased capacity for theatres, clinics, wards and green-bed space to help with increasing capacity and the recovery from COVID-19.


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