Anaesthetics & Pain Management

As part of Outpatient Network’s commitment to supporting the NHS, it is important that we can support with all aspects of healthcare.

Anaesthetics and Pain Management forms a crucial part of our service, and our expert NHS Consultants are ready to support NHS Theatre requirements across the UK.

Our Anaesthesiologists and Pain Management specialists can support any surgical specialty and will;

  • Assess patients’ fitness for anaesthesia and agree a pre-surgery plan
  • Will provide the anaesthesia
  • Will oversee the ongoing medical assessment of the patient
  • Monitor and control the patient’s vital signs including heart rate and rhythm, breathing, blood pressure, oxygen and Co2 levels, body temperature and depth of anaesthesia
  • Reverse the anaesthetic and support recovery
  • Operate chronic pain and palliative services

COVID-19: Helping your service with its Recovery Plan

Outpatient Network understands the devastating effects the pandemic has had on elective care services and patients. Therefore, as part of our commitment to the NHS and supporting with the COVID-19 Recovery Plan, Outpatient Network has formed exclusive partnerships with mobile, modular and fixed healthcare facility providers so that we can offer increased capacity for theatres, clinics, wards and green-bed space to help with increasing capacity and the recovery from COVID-19.


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